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Very happy

Nov 10

No comment given

Nov 9

No place to apply first visit discount

Oct 18

It's not worth an annual fee of over $20. There are free plugins that do just as well. I uninstalled this a while back.

Oct 7

Reply from seller:

Thanks, Brian for your feedback! The plugin is for life, what was renewed was the updates and the support. You can cancel the subscription and the plugin will continue to work.

Oct 7

No comment given

Sep 10

I Thought it is lifetime free package. not interested for a subscription package

Jun 25

Reply from seller:

You can cancel the recurring profile right after purchase. You don't have to pay again if you don't want to, you can use the plugin for lifetime. Support and updates are limited to six months, but after that it will not be disabled, you can just keep using it.

Jun 29

I’ve gave it a try and it is amazing! It offers custom icons, so there is something for everyone.

May 5

Best social media plugin I’ve used, and their support is quick and friendly.

May 3

Easily the best plugin in its class.

Apr 28