I copied the license key but wp said that it is wrong.

Jan 9

Reply from seller:

It seems you managed to fix it - great! Could you please update your rating? :) Thank you!

Jan 13

I have bought this service, I did not get invoice, its so sad. Send me invoice: faktura@restoreit.se

Dec 28

Reply from seller:

Hi there, of course there is an invoice. In your Sellcodes account, click on "Buy" which takes you to your list of purchases. There is a link ("receipt" or "Invoice") which you can click on, which downloads your invoice.

Please let us know at help (at) ultimatelysocial (dot) com if you need help with that.

Dec 28

There is no information on your website the license will be charged every year. It's not fair. PayPal payment process forces automatic reneval (you can cancel it after).
Edit: Customer service is on high level.

Aug 11

Reply from seller:

We mention it at several places, but we'll think about how to make it even clearer.

Note: As you point out, you can cancel recurring charges right after purchase.

Jan 13

Excellent! A big “thank you” to the entire team.

May 25

Exactly what I needed for my websites. Client is very happy. Keep up the good work!

May 2

So happy 19 shares on the first post publshed

Apr 18

Really in love with it, I use it on all my sites :x

Apr 13

Look no further, this plugin has it all. Great job guys!

Apr 11

5 stars - amazing plugin and support ;)

Apr 5

This highly customizable plugin is truly what was looking for to add lot's of social media links.

Oct 8, 2018

Reply from seller:

Thank you for updating (improving) the rating!

The license doesn't have to be renewed. Just cancel the subscription on Sellcodes. Then plugin won't be de-activated, also if you don't renew.

Oct 8, 2018