Ultimate Social Media PREMIUM - WordPress Social Share Plugin Share & earn cash

Are you serious with getting traffic to your website? Then get the best Social Media Plugin for WordPress

Why "the best"?


  • This plugin has the highest rating of all Social Media plugins (average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars based on over 3,000 reviews)
  • It is used on over 200,000 websites and has been downloaded over 2 million times
  • It is packed with tons of features (see below) while still very easy to use (see screenshots)

What you'll get with this plugin: 

  • Icons for over 100 platforms (see the full list of platforms
  • Over 20 icon design options
  • Over 200 themed design styles, matching the topic of your website (find your favorite icons in our Themed Icons Search)
  • The best sharing, liking & following features (e.g. define exactly which image/text should get shared, add pictures to Tweets, Use an url-shortener for cleaner links and much more)
  • Place the icons exactly where you want (e.g. floating, sticky, via widget, shortcode, before/after posts, exclude on certain pages etc.)
  • Optimized icons for mobile display
  • Keep your site loading fast
  • Show share counts and recover lost counts due to switch to https
  • Select from a range of functions for your email icon (share, contact, follow etc.)
  • Show a pop-up asking users to like, share or follow you, with various setting options
  • No "Powered by"-link, i.e. your site stays clean
  • Many more settings and options

And: this Plugin version includes support, so if you get stuck or face issues, we're happy to help!

Licensing: The license length you're buying with this product is 180 days. This means: support and updates are limited to half a year. However, after that the plugin will not be disabled, you can just keep using it.

Refunds: We provide full refunds for 14 days if you're not happy for any reason. 

Affiliate marketing: This product is available for affiliate marketing. If you share it with your friends & followers, you will earn 40% (!) of every sale you helped to generate. Just click on "Share & earn cash" next to the title above and follow the steps. 

New: We created a few affiliate banners you can place on your website. 


Additional services: 

  • We create tailor-made icons which match exactly the layout, topic and design of your site - check it out
  • The list of social media logos we offer in this plugin is already quite long, but in case an icon is missing we're happy to create new logos for you as part of this offer


There is no information on your website the license will be charged every year. It's not fair. PayPal payment process forces automatic reneval (you can cancel it after).
Edit: Customer service is on high level.

Aug 11, 2019

Reply from seller:

Thank you for updating (improving) the rating!

The license doesn't have to be renewed. Just cancel the subscription on Sellcodes. Then plugin won't be de-activated, also if you don't renew.

Aug 12, 2019

Excellent! A big “thank you” to the entire team.

May 25

Reply from seller:

Thank you for the feedback - usually we're getting lauded about how easy it is to use. In any case, we refunded your payment!

Apr 11

Exactly what I needed for my websites. Client is very happy. Keep up the good work!

May 2

Reply from seller:

Thank you! :)

Oct 8

So happy 19 shares on the first post publshed

Apr 18

Reply from seller:

Thank you Drivertwelve! :)

Sep 28

Really in love with it, I use it on all my sites :x

Apr 13

Reply from seller:

Thank you Sayan9000Plus :)

Sep 24

Look no further, this plugin has it all. Great job guys!

Apr 11

Reply from seller:

Thank you Kiwi!

Sep 24

5 stars - amazing plugin and support ;)

Apr 5

Reply from seller:

Thank You! :)

Aug 31, 2018

The plugin setup is clumsy. Don't like it - want my money back.

Mar 27

Reply from seller:

Thank you Hottwire! :)

Aug 28, 2018

This highly customizable plugin is truly what was looking for to add lot's of social media links.

Oct 8

Reply from seller:

Thank you! :)

Aug 23, 2018

USM Premium is ultra versatile I can optimize the icons for all my needs, is so simple to use and easy to manage I'm impressed.

Oh also I LOVE the themed icons!

Sep 28

Reply from seller:

Thank you for the feedback :)

Aug 16, 2018

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