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This is an Excel Test that contains 15 questions, designed to test the persons knowledge about excel.

It covers the most used commands and functions:

1. Keyshortcuts

2. Naming convention of the Cell, Row and Column

3. Sumif, sumifs, countif, countifs, if, ifs, counta, countblank, vlookup and hlookup functions.

The correct answers are the following:

1. Columns have letters as notations

2. Rows have numbers as notations

3. Cells have a combination of letters and numbers - first the letter corresponding the column and then the number corresponding the row (ex. A1) 

4. Ctrl+1

5. Alt+=

6. = starts a formula

7. Ctrl+h

8. =IF(AND(C22>9;D22>1,5);"True";"False") - same formula with different cells for the next 3 rows.

9. =COUNTIF(C28:G32;D28)

10. Good Apples: =COUNTIFS(C36:C55;C38;D36:D55;D38)

      Bad Apples: =COUNTIFS(C36:C55;C38;D36:D55;D37)

11. =SUMIF(C36:C55;C38;E36:E55)

12. =SUMIFS(E36:E55;C36:C55;C38;D36:D55;D36)

13. =VLOOKUP(C40;C35:E55;3;0)

14. =COUNTBLANK(E36:E55)

15. =COUNTA(E36:E55)

16. V stands for vertical and H for horizontal

17. Yes, the second, third etc IFs should be put in the value_if_false argument. 

The score should be marked with 1pt and the sum of all points should be divided by the number of questions: 12points (12 correct answered questions)/17questions = 70.58% > 71%.

The passing score should be 90% if you want to make sure that the person knows the basic of Microsoft Excel.

License type: "1 free end product". Read more.


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