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I am selling this Forex EA in only 100 USD 

Mql4CodersRobot Instruction Guide to using it on demo only.

  1. Place PriceBorder.ex4 and Heiken Ashi.ex4 indicator in MT4 Indicator Folder and EA Mql4CodersRobot.ex4 in MT4 experts Folder.
  2.  Place "CodersRobot.tpl" in MT4 Template Folder And Load this Template from MT4 on a chart...... OR LOAD EA on whatever chart you wish but First test it on Demo account.
  3. By Default Input parameters are best, I have got these Parameters after optimization of Robot
  4. Recommended Timeframes are 15 minutes or greater... M30 And H1 are best Timeframes...
  5. Run it with Default settings on multiple charts...

It works All famous pairs and 15 minutes or greater timeframe is recommended, 

BTW it will work on any kind of pair and timeframe.

Sir EA strategy is quite simple, it makes trades based on trendlines drawn by price border indicator that I gave you..... We have adjusted each trade so that EA automatically closes trades when some criteria for a profit of each met....just backtest the EA with default parameters and you will comprehend it easily.

  • The whole game behind EA strategy is TakeProfit, Actually it is a target profit for each trade., the smaller the target profit is, the more rapidly the open trades are closed with a target.
  • And Order Maximum loss limiting strategy is based on Account Equity on Risk.
  • You can set that risk by using parameter  Close trade below equity.
  • Remember by default parameter are a perfect combination that we got after Optimizing EA.
  • You can test it on a demo account with as many pairs you want.
  • But remember that EA places multiple trades at a time for a pair.
  • When there are many pairs, a number of current trades are also greater.
  • And Overall current trades loss can be controlled by EA parameter named "Close Order equity below".
  • If your account equity is less than the equity mentioned in that parameter, EA stops placing trades anymore.
  • There is another Stoploss mechanism named "Hardstoploss" for closing Trades...

Input parameters: Description

TakeProfit = Target profit of all open trades.


for each Open trade {



FixedLotsize=1.0: => //THis Lotsize is used if MM is false...

Mo-neyManagement=true: => // Enable / Disable Mo-ney Management (MM) from this Parameter

AccountFreeMarginRiskPercent=10.0: => // Percentage of Account Free Margin you want to use in Lotsize Calculation

LotDigits=2: => // Number of Digits after Decimal Point for each Calculated Lotsize

MaximumLotsize=3.0 => // Maximum Allowed Lotsize

Slippage, Lotsize, MagicNumber = Common Parameters, I hope you already understand it.

Close orders equity below: The Stop loss mechanism of EA is according to your Available account equity... set this Parameter "Close Order Equity below" according to your available account equity....A robot will close all opened Trades and stop Trading if Your Account equity becomes low than the value mentioned in this parameter...

maximum spread: Maximum Allowed Spread

MaximumOpenTradesAllowed: Maximum Concurrent Trades allowed.

OrderModification: By default Input parameter "order modification" is set to none which means, both Trailing stop and Breakeven features are disabled...You can enable it via this parameter "order modification"

And Trailing stop and Breakeven input parameters are in PIPS and When Any Trade is in Profit by that Number of pips mentioned in Trailing stop and breakeven parameters, then Trailing stop and breakeven applied on that trade.....okay

extra security: Extra checks on Price Border Indicator before entering trades.

All Days Timing Parameter is according to GMT standard...okay

Thanks and I am waiting for a positive response

License type: "1 free end product". Read more.


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