Filling a gap: Marketplace for VBA & macros

Saturday, Auguth 26th, 2017 General

Prior to the launch of Sellcodes, there wasn’t really a marketplace for macros and VBA codes. Why not?

We asked coders why they think that is (was), and got the following responses:

“You can already find everything online for free”

Only a few coders mentioned that, but it does reflect the general notion that most code (snippets) are already online. The truth: while there is A LOT out there, it is quite short of deserving to be called everything.

Probably it is true that “Almost everything has been coded by somebody already at some point.” However, most of those codes never find their way to the public internet. That’s because the incentive to put them online was missing – up to now.

“Excel macros are too tailor-made”

While most macros are created for a very specific use case, there are also many macros which are general enough to provide value to other users as well.

We asked several coders to go through their previously coded macros and most of them found at least some codes which would be suitable for selling.

Currently, those codes just sit on the developers’ hard drives without a) adding value to other users and b) without enabling the coder to earn an extra income by making them available.

“There is no suitable marketplace for this type of code”

We believe this statement is valid. But what is meant by “suitable”? Most likely the answer is:

a.) No marketplace ever gave macros a special attention 

This now changed with Sellcodes. The marketplace for VBA and macros should be taken seriously, and our target is to be the No.1 place buyers go to if they want to make working with MS Office more effective.

b.) No possibilities for micropayments 

Excel macros (and especially excel formulas) can be very helpful, but many of them couldn’t be marketed for 10, 20 or 30 US Dollars. Sometimes a macro is only worth 5 US Dollars, or even less, however there wasn’t any marketplace where they could be offered for this amount.

On Sellcodes, codes can be offered for any price, i.e. 1 US Dollars or even 1 cent. This is because Sellcodes allows sellers to pick any price they want, and we also don’t charge buyers (or sellers) for loading their digital wallet, from which they pay for the codes.

If you’re a coder of macros, why don’t you also put your codes on Sellcodes? It’s quick. Get started by setting up your first offer. If you’re a buyer, browse through VBA codes.