How to create great offers on Sellcodes

Thursday, March 29th, 2018 Tips

The better the offer page of your codes, the more likely they will get bought. But what makes a good offer page?

Give it a descriptive title

As coders we want to keep things short and succinct. However, in order to create a good offer on Sellcodes it’s advisable to put the marketing hat on and think how potential buyers will perceive your offer. When browsing through codes, will they understand immediately what value the codes will add?

Therefore, give your offers a descriptive title which makes it clear immediately what your codes do. Instead of “VBA-clear excel sheet formats” use a title such as “VBA script to clear all formatting from an excel sheet”.

The difference doesn’t sound like much, but when fighting for the users’ short attention span, every opportunity to make it more intuitive should be taken.

Say what problems the codes solve!

It might be clear to you in which situations your codes can be beneficial,  however the users who visit your offer page don’t want to think too hard to figure it out themselves.

Do the work for them. Think of scenarios when the codes can be useful and list them as bullet points for easier reading (see formatting tips below).

What makes your codes special? 

In a world where a lot can be found online for free, you need to convince (sell!) why it makes sense to buy your codes, even if you’re selling them for a few bucks only.

There are many ways how you can add value to your codes, e.g. maybe…

– Your codes are quality checked for bugs (while many freely available codes are not)
– Your codes are easier to use (e.g. you can add a guide how to use the codes after purchase)
– Your codes are well documented
– You provide support for your codes
– Etc.

All of this adds value for which people are happy to pay money for, as it saves them time. Mention all of those benefits on your offer page!

Add pics and video

Adding pictures and video can be immensely powerful, as people can see your codes in action. Imagine you’re the potential buyer: would you like to see a short video about what you’re buying? Most likely so!

And the best part of it is that it isn’t much effort at all. Just do a quick screen recording with a free software such as OBS Studio, upload it on Youtube, and embed the video on your offer page. Done!

Consider a money-back guarantee

While not mandatory, it is recommended that you consider offering a money back guarantee, so that potential buyers know that they get their money back if they’re not happy. This has been proven to increase sales significantly time and again.

You can link your money-back guarantee to certain conditions (e.g. only money back if the codes don’t work for user) or make it unconditional (“no questions asked!”). You’re free to define it as you wish (after all, it’s your shop), just make sure the terms are clear.

If you’re not sure whether to offer a money-back guarantee or not, test it out: you can see the number of visits your offers got when you’re logged in, and also the number of purchases, and hence the conversion rate, so in doubt, try it out (and observe…)!

Check for typos & proper formatting

If you’re sloppy with describing your offer, potential buyers will draw negative conclusions with respect to the quality of your codes, so make sure there are no typos or grammatical mistakes.

Also ensure proper formatting for easier reading, such as:

– Start every new thought with a new paragraph, and leave enough space between paragraphs
– If you have lists, use list formatting or bullet points 🙂
– Leave enough space at the top and bottom of your offer’s description

The more (useful) text, the happier the search engines

If you decide to make your offers public, then their offer pages will get indexed by Google et al., which can be an important source of traffic.

This is especially the case for codes, because people search for them with “long-tail keywords”, i.e. niche keywords for which overall traffic is low, but very targeted (i.e. converting well) and competition is rather low, so also new pages have a good chance to get found in search engines.

Ask yourself: what would you think?

All points above are important, but at the end of the day the best quality-check you can do is to ask yourself what you would think if you came across your own offer. Is it convincing? Do you trust the provider of the codes? Listen to what your intuition says – others will probably feel the same!

Makes sense? Then get started by setting up a new offer!