New: License key management & API

Saturday, March 9th, 2019 New feature

As of today, sellers on Sellcodes have the option to use an easy and effective license key system, allowing the managing of activation and de-activation of software products.

In addition to managing license keys via codes (API), sellers can also manage them on their License key management-dashboard when logged in on Sellcodes:

A typical process flow:

  1. You (seller) build the licensing feature into your product
  2. When a buyer purchases your product, a license key gets generated automatically
  3. Buyer can enter the license key into your product which activates the software 

This way you have full control and transparency who uses your software and where (e.g. on which website). It is a robust solution against software piracy.

The license key management system can be used both for web- as well as for desktop applications and for any programming language. 

Implementation is easy – get started by reading the license key management documentation. If questions come up,  we’re happy to help!