New: WordPress feedback system for Plugin creators

Friday, June 21th, 2019 New feature

If you offer plugins in the WordPress plugin directory, then you don’t know who your users are, how they interact with your plugin, why they de-activate or uninstall it and so on.

Needless to say, this information would be extremely valuable for you. It would allow you to:

  • Get clues on how to further improve your plugin
  • Send notifications to your users in case of major security updates
  • Send marketing-emails to your users (e.g. about new features in your premium plugin)
  • Increase your plugin’s value (if your plugin should ever get acquired it will be more valuable if you have the user data!)
  • Etc.

On Sellcodes we just released a new feature which makes it very easy to gather this information for free.

How to integrate it

Set-up couldn’t get any easier: after you logged in to your Sellcodes account, go to the WordPress feedback section where you’ll see this:

Simply upload your current plugin file & the new readme.txt and state the new version of your plugin. Click on “Start compiling!” and it will download the new plugin which is ready to be uploaded on WordPress!

How it looks for your users

Your users will see the following notification after plugin activation:

Once they agreed, the following information will be collected:

  • Profile information: Name and email
  • Site information: URL, WP version, PHP info, names of used plugins & themes
  • Events: Activation, deactivation and uninstall

…and one more: when users de-activate your plugin they will get asked for Feedback why they de-activate it:

If they pick options 2, 3 and 5, a text field will appear where they can enter further information (e.g. what exactly didn’t work as expected, or which other plugin they picked instead).

It’s quick and hassle-free for the user – not too complicated so that it’s not annoying. Also, as they agreed to it, it is fully in-line with the WordPress Plugin guidelines.

How to access the data

To access the data go again to your WordPress feedback section and click on the “Collected data”-tab:

Click on the report you need, which will download a CSV file with the data.

Start collecting feedback now

In summary: it’s easy, free, in-line with WordPress guidelines, not annoying for users, increases your plugin’s value, and helps you immensely to improve your plugin and reach your marketing goals.

Even if you don’t intend to use the data immediately – implement the feedback system now so that you don’t regret it later when you need the data, but didn’t collect it!

Next steps: Simply sign up on Sellcodes and then go to the WordPress feedback section where you can compile your new plugin version.

Added: FAQ

The following questions get asked frequently, so we decided to address them here:

  • Is this service really free? 
    Yes, we offer it for free. We do this to add value & build up a relationship with WordPress plugin creators, so that they consider selling their products on Sellcodes which has many benefits.

    We do not rule out charging for the service down the line, however whatever decision we take later, all the collected data about your users up until then will be free for you to download. So get on board as soon as possible!

  • Is my collected user data safe? 
    Data security and integrity are our top priorities. Please have a look at our Privacy Policy which is in-line with all regulations, including GDPR.
  • Why cannot I build this feature myself? 
    Of course you can, however don’t underestimate the effort for coding, designing, testing (pre-launch as well as post-launch, as we integrated a lot of user feedback), ensuring backward-compatibility with earlier PHP and WordPress versions, as well as maintaining it and releasing new updates quickly to avoid conflicts and user complaints. With our solution, all this is ensured.

If you have any other questions we’re very happy to answer them. Just reach out to us!