What’s Sellcodes (for buyers)?

On Sellcodes.com you can buy (i.e. acquire a license for) almost any type of software codes.

Buying codes makes sense for non-coders (you just have to!) as well as coders - paying a few bucks to somebody who already did the hard work is more time-efficient than developing everything yourself.

If you like the codes you bought, Sellcodes.com allows you to earn referral commissions by sharing them.

If you’re a coder yourself, also think about offering your codes on Sellcodes.

If I buy codes, and don’t like them, do I get a refund?

Sellcodes.com is a marketplace where sellers have their own ‘shops’ which means they define their refund policies individually. Therefore, before buying codes, please read carefully the description on the product page.

If the seller doesn’t make any statement about refunds, assume that no refund will be granted. Software codes can be easily copied after purchase and therefore not be ‘returned’. Hence, refunds are typically an exception to the rule, unless the seller states otherwise. Also see our General Terms.

How can I use the codes (after purchase)?

When you ‘buy’ codes, you don’t actually buy them; you only acquire the right to use the codes within the stated license. Have a look at the different licenses on Sellcodes.

Is support included with the codes I buy?

This depends on the product – by default not, however a seller can state on the product page that support is provided.

How do I know if the codes (I’m considering buying) are any good?

Before buying please have a look at the reviews this product has received. Also, check out the seller’s overall rating (which is the sum of all his products’ reviews) to get an indication for the quality.

If questions remain, please contact the seller. We encourage sellers to state on the product pages how they can be contacted.

Where do I see the invoice for the purchase?

Please login and click on the “Buy” tab. There you’ll see all the codes you bought. Under every product you bought you’ll see an “Invoice”-link. Please click it to see the invoice.

Is my information safe?

Yes. We take data protection very seriously. Please have a look at our Privacy Policy.

Is my money safe?

Yes. Your wallet is maintained and operated by Mangopay, a payment provider based in Luxembourg which has an excellent reputation. See the Wallet FAQ.

What’s Sellcodes (for sellers)?

Sellcodes allows you to create your own ‘shop’ where you can sell software codes, be it PHP codes, VBA scripts, themes, plugins… or any other type of codes.

Your key benefits from using Sellcodes (vs. other marketplaces):

  • No sign-up fees or recurring commissions (charged by us)

  • You earn the highest share of the sales price by far, see below

  • We don’t require exclusivity – sell your codes here and anywhere you want

  • Offer your codes in an instant – no cumbersome review processes

  • Charge a one-time fee or on a recurring basis to build up revenues over time

  • Set the price as you want it (and offer discount codes as you want)

  • Charge correct VAT for EU clients (and have it remitted automatically) to stay in-line with the law

  • Get access to your clients' contact details so that you can build a long-lasting connection

  • Pick the right license under which you sell your codes and actively manage license keys

  • Enable an affiliate program for your codes with one click, getting you many more sales

  • Sell your codes directly from your website to minimize steps in the sales funnel & increase conversion 

  • Enable automatic updates of your WordPress themes or plugins 

  • Track conversions to optimize your sales page and maximize sales

In the pipeline (coming soon):

  • Offer a support and ticketing system (incl. chat) on Sellcodes to communicate with your clients in a professional and easy way

  • Benefit from an abandoned purchase recovery feature so that potential buyers who didn't complete their purchase get reminded to do so 

  • Get new insights with a private feedback system to learn why potential clients didn't buy, and existing clients cancelled their subscription

  • Take advantage of our affiliate partner identification program so that we help you to identify and approach affiliate marketers who can spread the word about your product and increase sales

Also note that we have an open ear for suggestions, so if you're missing an important feature, please tell us about it

Sounds good? Get started with selling codes.

How much do I earn?

Naturally, the key driver of your earnings is how many sales you make. To maximize sales, make sure that you…

  • Offer as many codes as possible: Go through your hard drive and see which codes you created in the past which may still be useful to other users. This is all hidden value which Sellcodes allows you to turn into cash. Also snippets and other “mini-projects” can be interesting to offer on Sellcodes, as the pricing can be as low as 0.01 US Dollar.

  • Make sure the offers are good: The better the product, the higher ratings it will get, maximizing chances that people will buy it. Also, make sure that the product description is attractive to encourage purchases.  

In terms of commissions you will receive per sale: this depends on how the buyer got to know about your offer:

  1. Case “You brought the client”: After you launched an offer it will be accessible through a special link we generated for you (‘seller link’). If you share that link and people buy your item coming via that link (or directly on your website), then it’s clear that you brought the client, earning you 95% of the purchase price.

  2. Case “Sellcodes brought the client”: You may decide to make your offer available in the Sellcodes directory, so that people can find your offer by browsing the directory, or searching by keywords. If a user finds your codes that way, it counts as “Sellcodes brought the client” because a purchase wouldn’t have happened without Sellcodes. In this case you will still earn the lion’s share, i.e. 80% of the purchase price.

  3. Case “Referrer brought the client”: Sellcodes has implemented an easy-to-use affiliate marketing program whereby other users can spread the word about your product and earn commissions if a purchase is made (see the Affiliate FAQ).

    If you decide to make your offer available in the Sellcodes directory then it will also be available for affiliate marketing. Other users can then share a special affiliate link we generated for them (‘referrer link’) and if people click on this link, and buy your product, then it counts as “Referrer brought the client”, earning you 50% of the purchase price.

Cases 2 and 3 are only possible if you decide to make your offer available in the Sellcodes directory (and therefore also for affiliate marketing). We encourage you to do so, as it increases sales significantly, but you don’t have to. If you decide not to, then you will always receive the 95% of the purchase price.

Also see our Terms for Sellers for more information.

Which codes can I offer on Sellcodes?

There is no restriction per se in what codes you can offer on Sellcodes, however it is paramount that they meet all minimum quality standards, including:

  • You must have all necessary rights to sell your codes (and all uploaded content);

  • They must not infringe any intellectual property rights of somebody else;

  • They must be virus-checked and free of malicious software;

  • They must be of acceptable quality for buyers;

  • The description of the item must be accurate;

  • The item and description are not misleading, fraudulent, defamatory, unlawful or outright false;

  • No applicable laws or regulations are not violated;

  • You must honor promises you’ve given Buyers on your product page.

Please have a close look at our Terms for Sellers.

Under which license shall I offer my codes?

Please have a look at Licenses on Sellcodes.

Do I need to offer support for my products?

We strongly suggest that you support your clients when they are trying to make use of the codes they bought from you, as this has proven to increase customer satisfaction significantly. Please state which support you provide on the product page.

Having said this, you are not forced to provide support. In that case, please state explicitly on your product page that you don’t offer support, so that there are no surprises among buyers (as those would lead to negative reviews, hurting your reputation on Sellcodes).

When do I get paid?

Your earnings will be saved in your digital wallet. Please have a look at the Wallet FAQ to learn about payment modalities.

Do I have to collect taxes?

You are responsible for paying any taxes which may apply, with the exception of VAT in EU member states which we charge, collect and submit on your behalf. Also see the Terms for Sellers.

What if others buy my codes and sell them also?

As stated clearly in the explanation of the licenses as well as our Terms of Use and Seller Terms, this isn’t permitted and would be against the law.

We take measures to screen for similarities of codes on Sellcodes in order to identify such breaches of our Terms of Use. If such a case is found, the seller gets banned from Sellcodes for life.

Further, legal action may be taken by the rightful owner of the codes against the infringer.

Is my information safe?

Yes. We take data protection very seriously. Please have a look at our Privacy Policy.

Is my money safe?

Yes. Your wallet is maintained and operated by Mangopay, a payment provider based in Luxembourg which has an excellent reputation. See the Wallet FAQ.

What’s "sharing"?

“Sharing” (or “referring”) means that you spread the word about Sellcodes.com in general (or about specific products on Sellcodes) and if people then buy (or sell) items on Sellcodes.com because of your sharing activity, you earn affiliate commissions.

How does sharing work?

Sharing works with special ‘sharing links’ which we generate for you when you’re logged in.

For example, you can use the link you get on the sharing page to invite your friends or followers to Sellcodes.com in general (“Hey friends, check out this marketplace for codes”).

Alternatively, you can also share specific products you found in the Sellcodes directory (“Hey friends, check out these cool codes I found”). You’ll find the sharing links for those on the item’s offer page.

How much do I earn from sharing?

There is no limit in how much you can earn through sharing (as long as you stick to the rules, see below).

Specifically, you will earn:

  1. 40% of the net sales price of every specific item you referred: If you shared a link to a specific product (as mentioned above) and the people click on it and buy that product, then you’ll earn 40% of the net sales price of that item (for every sale of that item).

    Note: it doesn’t matter if the buyers are already Sellcodes users or not. You’ll always get the 40%.


  2. 30% of the net sales price of every other purchase your referrals make within 6 months (180 days) after joining: If you made new users join Sellcodes.com – who joined either because of your general invite or your invite to a specific item – then you will earn 30% of the net sales price of every purchase your referrals make within 180 days after joining.

  3. 20% of the net sales price of every product your referrals sell within 6 months (180 days) after joining: If you made new users join Sellcodes.com – either by sharing the platform in general or by sharing a specific item – then you will earn 20% of the net sales price of every sale they make within 180 days after joining.

This is the basic referral framework in a nutshell. For special cases and more details please have a look at the Terms for Referring.

Sellcodes’s referral system makes sharing very attractive: for example, if you refer a friend to a specific product, and this user buys becomes a new member, buys the product, and also buys other products (or starts selling!) then you will earn referral commissions many times - and that’s for only one user you referred. 

Anything I should take into account when sharing?

Yes – you need to stick to the rules. They include:

  • No self-referrals: It is strictly forbidden to refer yourself or somebody who is related to your business or company.

  • No spamming: Spamming in any form (esp. email spamming) is strictly prohibited.

  • Don’t post on unsuitable sites, such as sites which promote sexually explicit materials, violence, illegal activities etc.

  • Disclose your links properly: You need to let your invitees know what the links you share are affiliate links.

  • Don’t  place referral links on Sellcodes sites

…and several more. Please read the Terms for Referring carefully before you agree to them.

When do I get paid?

Your referral commissions will be saved in your digital wallet. Please have a look at the Wallet FAQ to learn about payment modalities.

What’s a ‘Wallet’?

Your digital wallet, or just ‘wallet’, stores the money which you earn through selling codes or sharing codes. You can also upload money to your wallet by credit card.

You can spend the money in your wallet by either buying codes, or withdrawing money to your bank account.

Why do you need my personal information when setting up the wallet?

The wallet can be seen as a mini-bank account. And like a regular bank account, it is very important to know who owns it, in order to prevent unlawful activities such as money laundering.

Therefore Mangopay, the payment provider we use which is operating the wallets, requires personal information such as your legal name, nationality, country of residence, and birthdate.

Obviously, we will treat your information very confidentially - see our Privacy Policy.

Can I withdraw money (to my bank account) at any time?

You can send us a request for a withdrawal at any time, which we typically process within a few business days.

Delays beyond this time frame may occur in case you recently earned money through selling or sharing (deferring the payouts for up to 30 days, to permit returns or refunds of the original transactions, as well as chargebacks) or in cases where we have reason to believe that some of the transactions on your account were unlawful or otherwise require further clarification.

Also have a look at the General Terms.

Are there restrictions to which bank accounts money can be withdrawn?

Mangopay processes payouts to most countries. You can find the entire list here.

Are there fees for uploading money (by credit card)?

When you upload money to your wallet, MangoPay charges us (Sellcodes) according to their pricing table. However, we decided to bear those costs for you so that it remains free for you to upload money.

Are there fees for withdrawing money?

When you withdraw funds from your Digital Wallet, MangoPay charges us a fee which we pass on to you. However, as you can see in Mangopay’s pricing table, the fee is quite low (approx. 3 USD).

Please note that your local bank may charge additional fees as well. Please consult your bank to get more information on those fees.

I would like to use a different currency than US Dollars. Is that possible?

Currently we only provide wallets in US Dollar. However, you can still upload money via credit card, even if your bank account is not in US Dollars. Also you can withdraw money to bank accounts in other currencies (conversion fees from your local bank may apply).

Is my money safe in the wallet?

The money is held in ring-fenced accounts by Mangopay, which means that even in the unlikely event that Mangopay goes bankrupt, the money stored in your wallet is still safe.

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