Our Mission

Tuesday, Auguth 22nd, 2017 General

What’s our mission with Sellcodes?

Primarily it is to help coders to make a living from coding, while staying independent and free.

Coding can be very rewarding profession, but also good coders sometimes struggle to find the necessary projects to follow their passion of coding.

With Sellcodes, we want to create a new platform which provides new ways to build up a (coding) business. This includes allowing coders to keep a fair share of their sales and many other features (which we have in the pipeline) too.

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We’re live (beta)!

Thursday, Auguth 10th, 2017 General

After quite a long time of development and testing we’re finally live!

The site is in beta as of now, however all functions are already working. Obviously, this includes buying or selling codes, as well as sharing them to earn referral commissions.

In the following weeks we will collect user feedback to further build out the platform. We’re happy for any comments or ideas you may have. Please let us know about it on our contact page.

The purpose of this blog is to give you insight into the development of the platform, and everything around it which might be interesting to know. To get new updates by email, please subscribe. Thank you!

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